Our Story

We've made it our goal to get 1,000,000 that's right, 1 Million people to read the Bible cover-to-cover the way we read every other book out there.

How it all started...

We started our crusade in July of 2020, when our founder, Summer Dey, realized that although she had just finished reading the Bible cover-to-cover, it took her almost 2 years with lots of good runs, but not constant regularity to be able to complete her goal of 52 weeks.  

Expanding the vision...

Summer did what she knew to do, she reached out on social media and asked a couple of friends to read alone with her but commit to hold each other accountable to reading it in 52 weeks.  

The 52-Week Bible Challenge was born.

Where we are headed...

Now that we've completed our second year reading the Bible, we know more than ever the importance of reading and understanding God's Holy Word.  As we launch our third year, there are so many things in the works of what's to come to reach our goal of getting 1 Million Christians to read the Bible.  We are excited to link shields of Faith with you and walk alongside you on this powerful journey.  
What greater commission than to lead others through studying His Word. We encourage you to invite your friends and family to join you. We have had members start a Bible Study group in their home or church with great success.

Be a part of the journey.